Ray Wylie Hubbard
Ray Wylie Hubbard
Crusades of the Restless Knights

Original Release Date:  July 20, 1999

Track Listing
  • 1. Crows
  • 2. There Are Some Days
  • 3. The Lovers in Your Dreams
  • 4. Conversation With the Devil
  • 5. Red Dress
  • 6. The River Bed
  • 7. This River Runs Red
  • 8. After the Harvest
  • 9. Airplane Fell Down in Dixie
  • 10. The Messenger
  • Ray Wylie Hubbard: Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals, Producer, Slide Guitar, Mixing
  • Lisa Mednick: Accordion, Vocals (Background)
  • Stephen Bruton: Dobro, Guitar, Mandolin, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Baritone)
  • Troy Campbell: Vocals (Background)
  • Patty Griffin: Vocals (Background), Vocal Harmony
  • Lloyd Maines: Guitar (Acoustic), Dobro, Pedal Steel, Guitar (Steel), Vocals (Background), Producer, Mixing
  • Paul Pearcy: Percussion, Drums, Sound Effects, Tambourine, Cardboard Box
  • Fred Remmert: Engineer, Mastering, Mixing
  • Glenn Fukunaga: Bass, Bass (Electric), Guitar (Bass), Bass (Upright)
  • John T. Davis: Liner Notes
  • Geoffrey Himes: Liner Notes
  • Francisco Gonzalez: Artwork, Design
  • Terry Ware: Guitar (Electric)
  • Terri Hendrix: Guitar (Acoustic), Vocals, Vocals (Background)
  • George Morgan: Assistant Engineer
  • Eamon McLoughlin: Fiddle, Violin
  • Eamon McLaughlin: Fiddle, Violin
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